Whether in response to a global crisis or growing demand for remote working, IT departments must deliver the best technology and connectivity experience as they embrace an ever-changing business landscape and adapt to the needs of their employees and their customers. NGA Business Premium (Enhanced Bitstream 4) is ideal for large businesses and enterprises with complex connectivity and business resiliency requirements.

NGA Business Premium Glass - now with Glass-only termination option


NGA Business Premium Glass offers your enterprise customers the opportunity to simplify their NGA Business Premium connections with a Glass-only option, selectable when you order a new service. It is preferable at sites with environmental constraints such as limited space or access to power. NGA Business Premium Glass means the service is delivered to an SCA connector or ITP, which is simply plugged into the customer’s CPE via a compatible interface. All existing Pricing Plans are available to NGA Business Premium Glass connections.


Benefit from proactive fault management

Proactive Assure is introducing a capability that will enable our Assure team to automatically receive a fault ticket in the event of an alarm. This allows us to proactively investigate faults affecting NGA Business Premium circuits, like what we do for network outages. Check out more on our Managed Provisioning page. 


Upgrade your customers made easy with 24/7 hot cutovers 

To facilitate a quick and easy upgrade of your enterprise customers to NGA Business Premium, we’re making 24/7 hot cutovers available from 3 August 2020. Chorus will be able to re-use the existing fibre and quickly switch over to the new product during an agreed 2-hour outage window, minimizing any disruption and risk.


Improve your margin 

High bandwidth and High Traffic Class (HTC)-only circuits make it simpler for you to configure and provide a more robust solution to your customers. 

Our new offer Premium Business ADVANTAGE is available from 1 July 2021, offering great features and easy connection. This presents a significant opportunity to reduce your costs and migrate your HSNS Premium connections to NGA Business Premium Glass.


Improve your reach 

Reach more of your customers via our extended NGA Business Premium footprint that now includes non-Chorus LFC UFB areas too. Additional build charges may apply and these will be confirmed after you have placed your feasibility application with us.

Product pricing

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Managed Provisioning

Use this link for managed provisioning project management and coordination service with your NGA Business Premium order.

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Benefits to retail service providers

  • Speed: its symmetrical speed provides low and high traffic class from 100Mbps to 1Gbps.
  • Proactively investigating faults with Proactive Assure: it’s important to us that you experience a premium assure and management service. The Ethernet service operations, administration and management (OAM) feature enables you to self-diagnose and self-assure your network by having great visibility of what’s happening in our network. *
  • Cost savings: it’s delivered over our world class fibre network and infrastructure using the same handovers as other fibre services, and supports diversity options and NGA tail extension.

* OAM feature for NGA Business Premium Glass is limited to an E-NNI MIP only.

Benefits to businesses

  • Reliable performance: a dedicated access solution allowing you to work without worrying about the bandwidth performance and to get more done in a workday. Further, if you plan on transitioning to network-based cloud services, rather than hosting your own applications, you’ll need the bandwidth capacity of fibre Ethernet access to avoid performance problems and the resulting effect on productivity.
  • Enhanced security and resiliency: we help ensure critical business data is delivered without interruption.
  • Network configuration: you’ll have the flexibility and control to route traffic or allocate bandwidth (voice, Internet, data, etc.), depending on the network needs of specific locations, the applications you need to run and the volume of users you need to support.

Other benefits

  • Upgrade made easy: to facilitate a quick and easy upgrade of your enterprise customers to NGA Business Premium Glass, we’ve introduced 24/7 hot cutovers. Chorus will be able to reuse the existing fibre and quickly switch over to the new product during an agreed 2-hour outage window, minimizing any disruption and risk.
  • Unmatched installation experience: with Premium Business ADVANTAGE, $1000 installation credit, free managed provisioning, and free 24/7 hot cutover.
  • Lots of bandwidth: As circuits made up of High Traffic Class bandwidth only are simpler for you to configure and provide a more robust solution to your customers, we have introduced a significant price reduction to NGA Business Premium to help you achieve this.


Advanced network visibility and diversity options
New Glass option adds termination and deployment flexibility
Plenty of high traffic class bandwidth
Available in all UFB areas throughout New Zealand
Point-to-point fibre
Includes free Proactive Assure
Includes free 24/7 hot cutover for upgrades or migrations
Includes free Managed Provisioning

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