NGA Business Premium Glass  

  • NGA Business Premium (Enhanced Bitstream 4) Glass uses a simplified version of the BS4 service construct whereby the NID is removed, and the UNI is now instantiated on the OLT/NELT-B port (logical UNI).
  • NGA Business Premium Glass is a new variant of the existing NGA Business Premium service.
  • NGA Business Premium provides premium point to point business connectivity for our med-large Enterprise and Corporate customers.
  • NGA Business Premium Glass service construct is based on use of the Layer 2 FAN network infrastructure, and the tail extension capability delivered via the NGA Tail Extension Service.
  • NGA Business Premium Glass variant may be ordered as 100Mbps Access rate, but is delivered over fibre as 1000Mbps. The maximum bandwidth for this option is enforced as a 100Mbps sub-rate using a bandwidth policy.
  • NGA Business Premium Glass service supports a connectorised fibre tail UNI, normally at an ITP but sometimes at an OFDF) that plugs into a compatible SFP in the end-customer CPE. The customer is responsible for providing the patch cord and SFP to plug into their CPE. The patch cord needs to have an SCA connector at the ITP end and a compatible connector (normally LC) at the other end to plug into the customer’s CPE.