Introducing Proactive Assure for NGA Business Premium

Business-grade customer service is critical for enterprise customers, especially if there is ever any disruption in service. From 3 August 2020, we will be able to proactively investigate faults for NGA Business Premium, we call this new service “Proactive Assure”.

Proactively investigating faults

Proactive Assure is introducing a capability that will enable our Assure team to automatically receive a fault ticket in the event of an alarm. This allows us to proactively investigate faults affecting NGA Business Premium circuits, like what we do for network outages.

In the event of an alarm, our Assure team will proactively investigate and call the contact person designated by you. This will eliminate the need for you and your customer to spend time troubleshooting or needing to submit a fault ticket through the Assure Gateway.

NGA Business Premium will effectively become a managed service, with tangible benefits to the Assure experience. This will save the end customer and RSP precious time and hassle in the event of an outage.

Our Assure team operates 24/7, so no matter when the outage happens, you can have certainty that we’re looking into it.

Taking advantage of Proactive Assure

To take advantage of Proactive Assure, retail service providers could either designate an appropriate contact person internally or maintain an up-to-date list of contact information against their NGA Business Premium circuits, in a secure system supplied by Chorus.

Information on Proactive Assure will also be provided as part of the normal NGA Business Premium onboarding process.

It is intended for Proactive Assure to be optional. There will be no change to existing BAU Assure process and no action required, should a retail service provider not wish to take advantage of Proactive Assure.

If you are already onboarded for NGA Business Premium, your Chorus account manager will be in touch to walk you through the next steps.