Chorus is supporting emerging growth of new technologies by providing the fibre connectivity required for the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).

From traffic-monitoring CCTV cameras to digital billboard messages, smart city infrastructure is a key part of our urban environment. Chorus will make smart locations work for you by providing customised solutions to bespoke locations, backed by our fast, reliable, world-class fibre network. Chorus has connectivity solutions to bring smart cities to life, stepping beyond the home and office fibre footprint.

Big connections for small spaces
Police and transport

Police and Transport

Traffic cameras and CCTV are key to how a city functions, providing the means to accurately monitor movement and traffic flow, leading to faster commutes and safer streets.


Utility companies

Utility companies

Whether it’s water, gas, sewage or electricity, we provide the connectivity to help monitor utility distribution networks and predict unexpected peaks in consumption and maintenance requirements.

Property and retail

Property and retail

Connecting temporary sites with dependable Internet access, whether they’re operating short or long term. Examples include portacoms on construction sites or pop-up retail stores.



Helping event organisers set up, and for crowds to enjoy, Wi-Fi hotspots at major events, like concerts, festivals and sporting fixtures.

Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising

Working with third-party tech solution partners to connect digital billboards and enable new interactive creative opportunities and consumer insights.

Councils and banking

Councils and Banking

Whatever the need, a street address isn’t required for the smartest infrastructure in town. From ATM machines to traffic lights, street furniture to air quality sensors, Chorus has the connectivity solution to bring them to life.

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How it works

The ordering process begins by clicking on 'Order now'. We’ll then capture information to fully understand your needs. We will help you choose the best connectivity solution based on the location and outcome that you want to achieve.

Providing accurate technical details, such as where we can install our fibre equipment, and whether the location has any specific support requirements is critical.

We will work with you to design a customised solution that meets your requirements. Your dedicated contact points within Chorus will keep you up to date and guide you through the journey to get you connected.

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The Smart Locations SFP 50 as an option!

Smart Locations are often in small tight spaces like poles, street furniture, comm’s boxes or they’re mounted to something where a standard ONT does not fit. To ensure you have your equipment connected to high-speed broadband, we have introduced the SFP50 plan.

This plan includes an SFP ONT and symmetrical bandwidth speeds of 50Mbps down and 50Mbps up. It also includes Chorus business restore service levels, giving you confidence that, should an outage occur to the Chorus service, it will be restored in the least possible time – like our premium fibre products.

The Smart locations SFP50 plan and ONT will enable your customers to connect their IoT equipment efficiently (e.g. CCTV, monitoring stations and digital signage) located in confined spaces using Chorus’ reliable and congestion-free ultra-fast fibre broadband.

Please note that the SFP 50 plan on NGA Evolve (Bitstream 2) has been developed for IoT use only and is not available for mobile network aggregation.

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We provide support and help you design solutions tailor-made to your needs.

We provide support and help you design solutions tailor-made to your needs.

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Benefits to retail service providers

  • Customer experience: get access to a nationwide, reliable and congestion free network with a dedicated bandwidth for sensitive applications.
  • Flexibility: connect fibre to objects or locations which are not at a physical street address. A unique ‘Smart’ address which reduces the risk of accidental service interruption.
  • Future proof: future network capability required for 5G’s increased cell site density. Supports the emerging growth of new technologies by providing the fibre connectivity required for the ‘Internet of Things’.

Benefits to businesses

  • Monetise your assets: tap into the new opportunities presented by Smart Cities through the continued investment in digitising infrastructure, transport and communications (e.g. traffic situation, parking management, energy and water conservation).
  • Enhanced engagement with the people in your city: access to more data that will help us form new policies, and improve planning and decision-making at a local, regional and national level
  • Efficient and effective cities: smart city technology can make cities more effective and efficient, and given the projected rapid growth in urban populations over the next few decades – the time to explore smart options is now.


SFP50 ONT plan with 50 Mbps symmetrical speeds
Unique ‘smart’ address for each customer device for easy identification and management
3-5 days quick quote
Efficient smart location request management
Easy to order with the Smart Locations Portal
Enter single orders, a few at a time and orders in bulk
Single or bulk ordering
Improved customer experience

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