Chorus is supporting the emerging growth of new technologies by providing the fibre connectivity required for the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).

Smart locations (NBAP) provide you with the ability to connect fibre services to street furniture, like traffic lights, bus stops and CCTV, as well as other specific non-address network demand points that may be located at a premises, like ATMs, lifts, alarms and cell sites.

Smart Locations require fibre access to support small antennae packed into cell towers, utility poles and buildings, as well as cameras and bus shelters, and wearable devices. As billions of IoT products go online and demand more bandwidth to support 4G and 5G networks, Smart Locations will grow exponentially while bringing smart cities to life.


Benefits to retail service providers

  • Customer experience: get access to a nationwide, reliable and congestionfree network with a dedicated bandwidth for sensitive applications.
  • Flexibility: connect fibre to objects or locations which are not at a physical street address. A unique ‘Smart’ address which reduces the risk of accidental service interruption.
  • Future proof: future network capability required for 5G’s increased cell site density. Supports the emerging growth of new technologies by providing the fibre connectivity required for the ‘Internet of Things’.

Benefits to businesses

  • Smarter city: tap into the new opportunities presented by Smart Cities through the continued investment in digitising infrastructure, transport and communications (e.g. traffic situation, parking management, energy and water conservation).
  • New services for citizen: develop IOT-enabled services to streamline communication and improve the lives of citizens.
  • Fit for purpose connectivity: benefit from fast, congestion free always on connectivity delivered by the Chorus UFB network.

Other benefits

  • GPON technology: smart Location connectivity is provided using our NGA (Bitstream 2 or Bitstream 3 & 3A) fibre access service, delivered over GPON technology which is congestion free from 30Mbps up to 1Gbps.


Available in Chorus UFB areas where Fibre is available
Variety of product and speed options to suit your current and future needs from Bitstream 2,3 and 3a
Speed from 30MBps up to 1Gbps respectively
Unique ‘smart’ address for each customer device for easy identification and management

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