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Hyperfibre is the next generation of fibre, dramatically increasing capacity and unlocking exponential upload and download speeds.

The exhilarating speeds of Hyperfibre mean you can immerse yourself in ultra-smooth 4K video streaming, while gamers in the household enjoy low latency and other high users can do what they want, when they want, seamlessly. The rise in ultra-high definition video, cloud storage, social media uploads, advanced gaming, working from home, all in one household means Hyperfibre speeds of 2000 Mbps, 4000 Mbps and 8000 Mbps are more important now than ever. 

There are three speed options to choose from: 

  • 2000 Mbps (2 Gig) plan with symmetric upload/download speeds (available nationwide in UFB areas)
  • 4000 Mbps (4 Gig) plan with symmetric upload/download speeds (available nationwide in UFB areas)
  • 8000 Mbps (8 Gig) plan with symmetric upload/download speeds (8 Gig speeds are available in selected exchanges only).


Target market

We understand it's important to you that we demonstrate the use cases for Hyperfibre. When our 1 Gig product was launched widely in 2014, no one knew what customers would be using it for, we just knew they would. Now 1 Gig (Fibre Max) is the most popular and fastest growing plan in our fibre portfolio. 

As a country we have evolved since UFB was first announced, the use of internet is no longer just limited to checking emails, browsing or post a status on social media. No one expected UFB enabled OTT content providers like YouTube, Netflix, Prime, Disney+ to become mainstream in Aotearoa and this list is only expected to grow in years to come.

Hyperfibre is future-proofing our digital ecosystem and provides a platform for many generations to come to innovate, live & play. 

More details here.

Customer adoption lifecycle

Hyperfibre is available in Aotearoa well before the average broadband user is asking for it. We are deliberately ahead of the curve, not only in Aotearoa but in comparison to most other countries across the globe. This means we have a product that is early for mass market, but a dream come true for early adopters and those with massive broadband needs. 

More details here

Setting customer expectations

You have a customer interested in consuming Hyperfibre, what’s next? First thing is to set expectations with your customer, understand what's involved in upgrading them to Hyperfibre or connecting them to Hyperfibre (new install).

More details here

Customer journey maps

We recognise the importance of understanding end to end journey process for our products. We have drafted a comprehensive Hyperfibre install + upgrade journey map. Please click on the link below to access the journey map on Miro. You will need to type in the following password to access the map: hyperfibre

We are happy to setup a session and take you through the journey map. Please reach out to your account team if interested. 


Getting the best out of an Hyperfibre connection at home

You asked us whether customers consuming Hyperfibre can experience the difference in speed. For a lot of common internet activities, the improvements will be subtle, but where the speed differences are more noticeable, customers will be blown away, particularly when it comes to upload speeds. However, the experience can vary depending on the capability of the equipment being used in home e.g T.V, laptop, phone, Wi-Fi modem etc. 

One key challenge is that the majority of mainstream consumer equipment is currently configured with 1 Gig ethernet ports. Although 10 Gig ports will become more common over the coming months and years, this is a barrier for customers getting the most out of their Hyperfibre service.

For this reason, we have drafted advice  on how they can best setup and utilise the 2 & 4 Gig products to obtain the maximum potential, even in scenarios where individual devices do not support more than 1 Gig speeds.

The 8 Gig Hyperfibre plan is available in 62 central exchanges:

With plenty of capacity and incredibly low latency, Hyperfibre can future-proof homes and businesses by keeping up with everyone’s ever-growing data needs.



Albany, Avondale, Browns Bay, Ellerslie, Forrest Hill, Glen Eden, Glenfield, Hibiscus Coast, Howick, Henderson, Mangere, Manukau City, Manurewa, Massey, Mayoral drive, Mount Albert, Mt Eden, Mt Roskill, Mount Wellington, New Lynn, Otara, Otahuhu, Papakura, Papatoetoe, Pakuranga, Ponsonby, Pukekohe, Red Beach, Remuera and Takapuna



Alicetown, Belmont, Courtenay Place, Hataitai, Island Bay, Kelburn, Khandallah, Kilbirnie, Johnsonville, Lower Hutt, Miramar, Naenae, Petone, Stokes Valley, Wellington and Wellington South



Ashburton, Blenheim, Dunedin, Hastings, Invercargill, Invercargill East, John F. Kennedy Drive, Kaikohe, Levin, Lynmore, Marewa, Maxwells Line, Palmerston North, Paeroa, South Dunedin and Whakatane

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Market differentiation

Market differentiation

Be at the forefront of offering a ground-breaking product to your customers. Hyperfibre allows you to claim ‘the pioneer title’ in terms of offering the latest and greatest products in market to your customers.

People often ask “who needs 2 Gbit/s or 4 Gbit/s of bandwidth?” After all, even with every member of a modern household watching 4K Netflix, online gaming and videoconferencing all at once, it's hard to max out a Fibre Max plan.  While this is true for many households today, Hyperfibre places you ahead of the curve and offers the next generation of speeds to your early adopters and technology enthusiasts. There is a core segment of the market that are always on the lookout for the next best thing, and act as torchbearers for the rest of the market.

 A premium product in your product mix

A premium product in your product mix


If you cast your eye back to 2014, the 1 Gig plan (Gigatown) was touted as the fastest internet in southern hemisphere with mind boggling speeds. Fast forward to 2020, the 1 Gig plan is the fastest growing plan. Hyperfibre is now the king of fibre taking a premium spot in your fibre product portfolio.

Like 1 Gigabit, Hyperfibre has the potential to act as an innovation engine for your customers that not only allows them to do what they do today better and faster, but create opportunities for them to do things that they haven’t even dreamed of.

New revenue

New revenue

Last but not the least, Hyperfibre creates new and increased revenue opportunities. 


XGS-PON technology
Available nationwide in Chorus UFB areas
Tail extension
Symmetric upload/download speeds
Available in 2000, 4000 and 8000 Mbps

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