Hyperfibre is the next generation of fibre, dramatically increasing capacity and unlocking exponential upload and download speeds. Fibre has always been the best, most-reliable connection, but wait until you experience the era of Hyperfibre.

The exhilarating speeds of Hyperfibre mean home broadband users can immerse themselves in ultra-smooth 4K video streaming at ease, while gamers can enjoy lower latency.

The rise in ultra-high definition video, cloud storage, video uploads, advanced gaming, working from home, and connected devices in a single household means Hyperfibre’s speed and capacity are more important now than ever.

Hyperfibre release 1 will offer you speeds of 2000Mpbs and 4000Mbps for both upload and download – meaning users can consume and create content online simultaneously and much much faster.

Please note that Hyperfibre release is subject to Crown Infrastructure Partners approval. 

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Benefits to retail service providers

  • Innovation: Hyperfibre will allow you to offer a world class product for early adopters and technology enthusiasts that demand blazing fast speeds.
  • Market differentiation: be at the forefront of offering a ground breaking product that allows your customers to upload and download simultaneously but much faster.
  • Future evolution story: this is just the beginning, higher speed plans in more locations will be available in future.
  • The Hyperfibre ONT is purposefully designed to allow you to get the best use of our hyperfibre speeds with 802.11ac gigabit WiFi, 4 gigabit ethernet ports and a 10gigabit ethernet port. 

Benefits to consumers

  • Time saving: upload/download simultaneously and save 59 hours* with Hyperfibre in a year. *based on the average per user connection speed and data consumer for 09/19 across the Chorus network compared with Hyperfibre 4000Mbps connection speeds.
  • Low latency & streaming: experience low latency and 4k/8k video streaming.
  • Latest and the greatest in technology: boast about being on one of the fastest internet connections in the world.

Other benefits

  • Upgrade Experience: no digging required if you already have Fibre.  One quick visit to your customer premises and upgrade to a shiny new Optical Network Terminal capable of handling blazing fast speeds.
  • New revenue opportunities: more speed options will become available in the future, such as 8Gpbs.
  • Let’s lead not follow: be ahead of the demand curve, more and more devices are being released into market with 10Gbps Ethernet ports, we are ready for it. 


2000Mbps available
XGSPON technology
New ONT - 26% power consumption reduction
4000Mbps available
Phased roll out in 2020

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What’s next for Hyperfibre rollout?


Extending Hyperfibre offer to 30 September 2020


Proposed UFB price changes by reference to CPI from 1 July 2020

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