Hyperfibre awareness campaign phase two

We will be launching phase two of the Hyperfibre awareness campaign on 1 April 2024.  

Utilising similar creative assets produced for phase one, this campaign aims to raise the awareness of Hyperfibre and is focused on the following key audiences:

  • Broad awareness (all people, 25+ audience)
  • Early adopters
  • Gaming audience
  • Business audience


Where you will see it

For phase two, we will be including additional channels beyond Meta to amplify the reach of the campaign and drive further relevance. Running a combination of assets, including both video and static, we will use the following platforms to target our audiences:  

  • Broad (all people) 25+ audience – non-skippable, pre-roll environments across TVNZ+, ThreeNow and YouTube.  
  • Gaming audience – Samsung TV Ads (targeting Samsung TV-connected console players), TVNZ+ users via their XBox or Playstation, Twitch and LiveWire.  
  • Business/professional audience – LinkedIn and Foundry.
  • Early adopters – Meta, Reddit and Google Demand Gen (YT Shorts and YT in-stream placements).  

Below is a summary of the audience and platform matrix:

Platform matrix


What does it look like

The creative assets are the same as those we used for phase one, including a mix of video and static assets.

Static image examples - consumer messaging:



Static image examples - business messaging:


Video animation examples:
These are animated versions of the static headlines.

Video animation


Landing page:

All assets will click-through to a dedicated Hyperfibre campaign landing page. This page serves a function of understanding what Hyperfibre products a person is interested in – either Home Hyperfibre, Small Business Hyperfibre or Business Hyperfibre. It also allows them to continue the journey which suits them to find out more about the individual products.

Campaign timings

Launching on 1 April 2024, the campaign will run for three months, until 30 June 2024.


For any queries, please contact your account team or Zoe Brady.