Quite simply, fibre is the best internet connection available on the Chorus fibre network. Our NGA Bistream 2 product gives your customers a dedicated, fast and consistently reliable connection so everyone can watch, listen, play, post and chat without interruption or slowing down.

It isn’t just about doing one thing online much faster. It’s about everyone at your place being able to do everything they like online, all at the same time. 

Did you know? 

Kiwis use on average 234GB of data every month to stream our favourite movies, TV shows, sporting events and everything else we use our broadband for. So when it comes to watching all that great content, there’s nothing better than seeing it on a biggest screen. Learn more about streaming.

All genius needs is opportunity, and that's why we built the Chorus fibre network. Discover our high speed innovators in the video below. 

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Benefits to retail service providers

  • Speed: low to high speeds (1Gbps, 550 mbps), available allowing you to control your costs.
  • Satisfaction: high level of consumer satisfaction and awareness. Low network maintenance and less faults.
  • Continuous innovation: new build network that enables the development of new products and future technologies -10GPON.

Benefits to consumers

  • Fastest speeds: the faster your connection, the more you can do and the less time it takes from downloading movies to uploading images, browsing web pages and streaming sports.
  • Capacity: dedicated capacity for multiple devices to watch, listen, play, post, work, and chat all at the same time, without any loss of quality.
  • Reliability: fibre provides a great experience with consistent speeds and no buffering even at the busiest time of day.

Other benefits


Speeds up to 1Gbps
Tail extension
Congestion free network
Flexible mapping
Secondary services

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Introducing our new RSP incentives on Consumer Fibre and Hyperfibre connections


We invite your feedback on these ideas for our next offer


Hubsite ICABS Offer is ending 31 March

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