Hyperfibre coverage is expanding from 2 May 2022


Hyperfibre is our premium product offering blazing fast speeds targeting early adopters, gamers, and those with massive broadband needs like the content creators and businesses. We are excited to announce the expansion of 2, 4 and 8Gig speeds. 


Where are we expanding and when?

From 2 May 2022, you can order:

  • 2 & 4Gig speeds in UFB2, 2+ and RONZ areas
  • 8Gig speeds in 18 new exchanges across Auckland and Wellington (plus 2 in other areas) 

Hyperfibre expansion table

  • Note: We recommend you have a 100Gbps handover to support your new 8Gig Hyperfibre plans in Auckland & Wellington.
  • We will update our SP website as more sites become available with 8Gig availability. 


Why Hyperfibre? 

The growth in ultra-high-definition video, cloud storage, advanced gaming, working from home, and many connected devices in a single household means Hyperfibre’s speed and capacity are more important now than ever. If COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the transformation and acceleration of our digital behaviour. We have covered a “decade in days” in the adoption of digital behaviour. 

Hyperfibre future proofs our digital eco-system and provides a platform for many generations to come to innovate, live and play. We are ready and our network is ready with Hyperfibre.


What’s in it for you?

  • A new revenue stream and ARPU growth 
  • A clear upgrade path for your customers that are already on the Gig plan
  • Hyperfibre ONT comes with a free Residential Gateway (RGW) functionality saving you CAPEX to source, configure and send modems to your customers
  • Nationwide coverage wherever the Chorus fibre network is – 1.36M premises have access to Hyperfibre 


Get in touch 

Talk to your account team and let us know how we can help you to jump onboard and offer the world class speeds to your customer base. For more information about Hyperfibre, check out the following product pages: