Launch plans for the Objection Handling Process

We are sharing the final results for the Objection Handling Process Trial which launched 2 August as well as our proposed launch date for the process to bring the trial phase to a close.

Thanks to all who have joined the industry check-ins, including the latest on 23 November, and provided feedback to date.


Final Results

The final results demonstrated that the process enabled customers to be connected faster, with the evidence requirements proving to be sufficient to minimise incorrect disconnections.

To date:

  • 101 Objection Handling requests were received
  • 75% of these were successfully completed, with the remainder rejected due to insufficient evidence or incorrect use of the process
  • No completed requests were reversed

Based on the results of the trial and industry feedback, we are proposing the trial continues until 9 February 2022, becoming a permanent process thereafter.

Full results and insights can be found in the supporting document under 'resources' below. 


Next Steps

We welcome any further or final feedback you have by 3 December 2021 to be sent to the team at

Our current intention is that following any final feedback, the process will officially become permanent (moving out of a trial state) on 9 February 2022. We’ll let you know if that plan changes.



For any questions, concerns or feedback, please reach out to