Simplifying our Fibre Access Product Portfolio

In October we sent out a consultation update asking for feedback on our proposal to simplify the fibre access products we offer across business and residential segments. 

We are appreciative of the submissions we received as part of this consultation process. Having taken the time to carefully consider all feedback, we are pleased to share our findings below.


Consultation feedback and outcome

Overall, the feedback we have received has confirmed that the proposed group of plans and their pathways have little or no impact to RSPs, except for NGA Business P2P and NGA Business EDMR. 

NGA Business P2P – We received feedback that raised potential concerns about this product no longer being available to order in existing remote locations where there are no UFB alternatives. We have taken this feedback into careful consideration and decided (for these NGA business P2P plans) to continue allowing the transfer between RSPs of existing connections, including where this necessitates a new order by  the gaining Service Provider for this purpose. 

NGA Business eDMR – We received feedback that raised concerns about this plan being withdrawn. We would like to reaffirm that NGA Business eDMR is not being withdrawn from existing customers – these connections will continue to be supported on NGA Business eDMR for the foreseeable future. Only NGA Business eDMR variants with no existing customers are being withdrawn. We confirm that we are proceeding with simplification as originally outlined for all other plans, as detailed below.


Notice of changes

We are now providing official notice of the following changes:

  • Group A: Withdrawal of Group A plans on 25 May 2022 (NGA Business eDMR variants with existing customers not affected)
  • Group B1 and B2: Grandfathering (stop-sell) of these B1 and B2 plans from 25 May 2022 and withdrawal of these plans on 25 November 2022.
  • Group C1: Grandfathering (stop-sell) of these plans from 25 November 2022.
  • Group C2: Grandfathering (stop-sell but with transfers between RSPs permitted) of these plans from 25 November 2022 (this is NGA Business P2P only)


Product Simplification table


What this means

  • “Withdrawal” means that the specified plans will no longer be available for either existing or new users from the withdrawal date. Any existing connections will need to be migrated to an alternative plan (or disconnected) before the withdrawal date (with the exception of NGA Business eDMR, for which we are retaining variants with existing connections). No further orders for these plans will be able to be made.  
  • “Grandfathering” (or “stop-sell”) means that from the grandfathering date (1) No new orders will be accepted for these plans; and (2) existing connections can remain in place, but no moves, adds or changes (including transfers between RSPs) can be made for these plans (with the exception of NGA Business P2P, for which transfers between RSPs will be permitted, but no other moves, adds or changes).

For clarity, note that Group B1 and B2 plans will be grandfathered (so no new orders accepted and no MACs or transfers) from 25 May 2022, and then withdrawn from 25 November 2022. 

Please refer to the this table which provides more details and sets out the suggested alternative plans to the plans that are being withdrawn or grandfathered. 


Next steps

We will be providing individual summaries to RSPs of their affected connections where the relevant plans for those connections are being withdrawn, plus suggested  alternatives for migrations/new orders. The suggested alternative plan is based on what we consider the closest substitute that provides the best value, but a different option may be better for a specific RSP or connection. Your Account Team can discuss options with you.

The summary for each RSP forms part of this notice for that RSP. We can also provide information on request of connections on plans which are being grandfathered (noting that these connections are not themselves affected but will continue). 

Your account team will be in touch with affected RSPs to discuss next steps and answer any questions. We will also be providing migration support where required, in the form of order entry assistance and bulk order processing.