Simplifying our Fibre Access Product Portfolio

What are we doing?

We are proposing to simplify the fibre access products we offer across business and residential segments, with the goal of reducing complexity and achieving a simpler, more sustainable portfolio.

This initiative seeks to phase out older Chorus plans which are no longer relevant or utilised. We have limited the scope of the proposed withdrawal  to plans with little or no impact to RSPs; plans with a material number of connections will be grandfathered    (i.e. a stop-sell will be applied to those plans).


Why are we doing this?

We have heard from our customers that our current product offering is complex, which makes it difficult to drive and manage change. We believe the proposed product simplification will lead to a simpler, more logical portfolio that delivers clear value.



We propose the following simplification pathways for a selected number of plans within our fibre portfolio. Our proposed pathways take into consideration the amount of change and initiatives that RSPs are managing at present.

We would like to consult with you on the list of plans we propose to grandfather and withdraw.

Below is an overview of the product groupings:

Product Simplification Groupings

Product Simplification Group A

Product Simplification Group B

Product Simplification Group B2

Product Simplification Group C1

Product Simplification Group C2

For further details on our rationale, please refer to this document which was presented at the October Product Forum. 


Our next steps

The consultation period is open until 10 November 2021, after which we will assess your feedback and make any necessary changes. Our intention is to update you on the consultation outcome and provide any relevant notices towards the end of November 2021, if we proceed with the proposed pathways.

Any RSPs directly impacted by these changes will then receive an individual impact statement containing relevant connections data and proposed alternative plans. RSPs who migrate to alternatives will receive assistance with planning and managing migrations, if required.


Questions, feedback and contact  

We are keen to hear your feedback on our proposal. Please direct your consultation feedback or queries to the Product Simplification team at or contact your Account Team by 10 November 2021.