Future Fibre Portfolio – further information for Mass Market and SME changes

On 1 September we confirmed the mass market and SME changes and advised we would confirm details by end of October. Following the successful 200Mbps upgrade we’re now able to confirm the timeline for the 100Mbps boosts.


What’s happening

The upgrade will start on Friday 19 November and complete Wednesday 1 December. 

As we’ve communicated previously the 100Mbps upgrades are changes to the speeds only – the existing product instance IDs, plan names and B2B product IDs will remain unchanged. 

We will batch customers geographically (by OLT) and plan to run multiple batches in a night. If requested, we can send customer files before and after the upgrades are done. Please reach out to your Account Manager if you would like to receive these. 

CCIL testing is available now if you want to test the new speed templates, with Production testing available from Tuesday 26 October. If you’d like to run a trial on a small number of active connections in production ahead of the upgrade, please let us know. 

For more detail on the upgrade process, timeline, and how these changes will show up please see the supporting pack



We’ve also been asked to share details of marketing activity to support these changes. While these plans are still a work in progress, we have created an overview pack.

We will continue to update you as details are confirmed.


Anchor broadband service

We are committed to ensuring we have the new regulated anchor 100/20 broadband service available from 1 January. We will communicate the details of this new plan next month.


Next Steps

If you would like to receive pre and/or post migration customer files, then please provide email contacts to your Account team.

If you would like to arrange a session to discuss any of this information further, please reach out to Roxinne McCord.



If you have any queries, please contact Roxinne McCord.