Improving the Objection Handling Process Trial

On 2 August we began a 3-month trial of a new ‘Objection Handling’ process designed to connect customers to an intact Fibre ONT when their service is delayed after moving into a home. We are now able to share the interim results as well as a change to the process based on feedback received since the start of the trial. We will also be extending the trial end date to facilitate a greater sample size.


Interim Results

Interim results demonstrated limited use of the process to date, in addition to low compliance. This has meant that the trial results to date are not conclusive. To date, of the 1,311 completed orders:

  • 29 Objection Handling requests have been received
  • 9 requests were completed successfully
  • No requests were reversed.

We consider that volumes were in part significantly impacted by lockdown restrictions, and the consequential impact on customers’ ability to move to a new house during this time.

Full interim results can be found here in the supporting document here and under 'resources' below. 


Changes to the Trial Process

We heard from some RSPs that the requirement to provide a Sales and Purchase or Tenancy agreement was obstructive, as customers did not want to provide this information, impeding their ability to use the new process. 

In order to balance the need to both validate the correct address is being used, and support reducing downtime for customers who have moved in, we are therefore removing the requirement to provide Chorus with a Sales and Purchase agreement or Tenancy agreement.

This means the evidence required to be submitted alongside an Objection Handling request will now be, either a:

  • Photo of the ONT Serial Number, or an
  • ONT Power Cycle, noting the time this was completed. 


Extension of Trial

Given the low volume of requests received to date, we are extending the trial end date in order to attain a more appropriate sample size. The trial will now run until 26 November 2021.

We will hold the next industry check-in on Tuesday 23 November 2021 from 10.30am via MS Teams.

To register for this check-in please email


Support Available

We are offering refresher training sessions, to assist in raising compliance and building understanding of the process. If you would like a refresher session, please reach out to your SDM.



If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the team at and copy your Service Delivery Manager.