UCLL enables you to access and interconnect with our local copper network. It includes an MPF, a tie cableBenefit service and various ancillary services.

UCLL is the metallic path facility (MPF or copper pair) that goes from your customer’s home or business to the main distribution frame (MDF) in the local exchange. This means you can deliver your own copper based services to customers who are connected to the exchange via our local copper network.


Benefits to retail service providers

  • Efficiency: you can install your own phone or internet equipment in one of our local exchanges and deliver your own services direct to your customers.
  • Control: this means you can build your own network and have complete control of your phone and internet service offering from development to delivery.

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On 9 May, we invited you to sign up to our new UCLL migration offer. We’ve...


On 9 May, we invited you to sign up to our new UCLL Migration Offer. Those who...


From 21 May 2018 when you migrate UCLL connections (including under an agreed...