Reduce your costs while offering a premium business-grade fibre solution to your enterprise customers

Following the consultation launched earlier this month, we are pleased to announce that our enterprise grade fibre product - NGA Business Premium (Enhanced Bitstream 4) – will be offering a significant price reduction, a new offer, new features and easier connection from 3 August 2020.


We are committed to strengthening the value proposition of this product, ensuring that it remains best-in-class for you and your enterprise customers.

Whether in response to a global crisis or growing demand for remote working, IT departments must deliver the best technology and connectivity experience as they embrace an ever-changing business landscape and adapt to the needs of their employees and their customers.


Proactively investigating faults with Proactive Assure

Business-grade customer service is critical for enterprise customers, especially if there is ever any disruption in service. From 3 August 2020, we will be able to proactively investigate faults for NGA Business Premium connections thanks to our new Proactive Assure service.

Understand how you can reduce time troubleshooting or manage faults.

Introducing 24/7 hot cutovers

To facilitate a quick and easy upgrade of your enterprise customers to NGA Business Premium, we’re introducing 24/7 hot cutovers. Chorus will be able to re-use the existing fibre and quickly switch over to the new product during an agreed 2-hour outage window, minimizing any disruption and risk.

Make it easy to upgrade enterprise customers to premium business-grade fibre.

Reducing by around 50%* the price of NGA Business Premium connection

NGA Business Premium (Enhanced Bitstream 4) is ideal for large businesses and enterprises with complex connectivity requirements.

As circuits made up of High Traffic Class bandwidth only are simpler for you to configure and provide a more robust solution to your customers, we are delighted to introduce a significant price reduction to NGA Business Premium to help you achieve this.

Capture this opportunity  to reduce your costs and migrate your HSNS Premium connections to NGA Business Premium.

*please refer to the details on the updates page [add link].

Benefit from Premium Business BOOM offer

From 3 August 2020, we’re making it super easy to connect, migrate, or upgrade to NGA Business Premium by introducing Premium Business BOOM offer. This new offer incentivise adoption and offer an unmatched installation experience.


Get full details  and take advantage of Premium Business BOOM by returning a copy of the offer letter  signed by 31 August 2020.

Reduce your costs and offer a premium business-grade fibre solution to your enterprise customers

Your Chorus account manager will be in touch soon to provide you with detailed information on what this means for your existing connections, as well as the opportunity this opens for migrating your HSNS Premium circuits.



Your Chorus Business Team