From 3 August 2020, we’re making it super easy to connect, migrate, or upgrade to NGA Business Premium.

NGA Business Premium, powered by Enhanced Bitstream 4, is an ideal business-grade fibre plan for bigger businesses with more complex needs.

From 3 August 2020, we’re making it super easy to connect, migrate, or upgrade to NGA Business Premium by introducing Premium Business BOOM offer. This new offer incentivises adoption and offer an unmatched installation experience.



Key benefits

Free standard installation – free of charge installation*. The standard installation cost of NGA Business Premium is waived for the duration of the Premium Business BOOM offer (normally 2x the Access monthly charge) - $760 value.

*Where a brand-new fibre build is required, additional build costs may still apply.

Free Managed Provisioning – connecting your enterprise customers is more than just a new installation request, it’s a project. The Premium Business BOOM offer includes our Managed Provisioning project management and coordination service with every new NGA Business Premium order. You just need to provide us with the details and your requirements, and we’ll do the rest for you, including order entry! - $330 value.

Free 24/7 hot cutover - Installing NGA Business Premium in parallel to the existing fibre circuit is not always straightforward, especially when there are no spare fibres available. Hot cutovers enable us to re-use the existing fibre and quickly switch over to the new product during an agreed 2-hour outage window, minimizing any disruption and risk. We expect most customers will want to schedule the outage window outside business hours, so the Premium Business BOOM offer includes after-hours hot cutover free of charge, should you choose to utilise the service.  approximately $330 value.



Free standard installation


Free managed provisioning


Free 24/7 hot cutover

Approx. $330 (time and materials basis)


Benefit from this premium offer

To take advantage of this offer, please return a signed copy of the Premium Business BOOM Offer Letter by 31 August 2020.

To take full advantage of the Managed Provisioning project management and coordination service, please submit your NGA Business Premium orders via the NGA Business Premium Managed Provisioning Smartsheet form – we will take care of the order entry for you.

Alternatively, you can still submit NGA Business Premium orders and our Managed Provisioning team will be in touch.

Your Chorus account manager will be in touch soon to discuss the benefits and ensure you can take full advantage of this offer.


Reducing by up to 50%* the price of NGA Business Premium connection

NGA Business Premium (Enhanced Bitstream 4) is ideal for large businesses and enterprises with complex connectivity requirements. We are committed to strengthening the value proposition of this product, ensuring that it remains best-in-class for you and your enterprise customers; as they embrace an ever-changing business landscape and adapt to the needs of their employees and their customers.

High bandwidth and High Traffic Class (HTC) only circuits make it simpler for you to configure and provide a more robust solution to your customers. We are delighted to introduce a significant price reduction to NGA Business Premium. You’ll be able to benefit from this change from 3 August 2020.

With new features, easier connection/migration and price reduction, this presents a significant opportunity to reduce your costs and migrate your HSNS Premium connections to NGA Business Premium.

*please refer to the details on the updates page.


  • Free managed provisioning
  • Free installation
  • Free 24/7 hot cutover

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