Improving the value proposition of our premium business fibre product – tell us what you think.

NGA Business Premium (Enhanced Bitstream 4) is our most powerful enterprise product, ideal for large businesses with complex connectivity requirements. We are committed to strengthening the value proposition of NGA Business Premium, to ensure it remains best-in-class. 


What’s happening        

We would like to get your feedback on three initiatives that we are considering for this product:


1. Proactive Assure

“Proactive Assure” is proposing to introduce capability that will enable us to monitor alarms for all NGA Business Premium circuits, like what we do for network outages. In the event of an alarm, our Assure team will proactively investigate and call the contact person designated by the service provider. This will eliminate the need for the end customer and service providers to spend time troubleshooting or needing to submit a fault ticket through the Assure Gateway.

NGA Business Premium will effectively become a managed service, with tangible benefits to the Assure experience. This will save the end customer and service providers precious time and hassle in the event of an outage.

It is intended for “Proactive Assure” to be completely optional and it will incur no extra charge. There will be no change to existing BAU Assure process should an RSP not wish to take advantage of Proactive Assure. To take advantage of “Proactive Assure”, service providers could either designate an appropriate contact person internally, or maintain an up-to-date list of contact information against their NGA Business Premium circuits, in a secure system supplied by Chorus.


2. High Traffic Class (HTC) reprice

NGA Business Premium offers multiclass bandwidth options. You can purchase Low Traffic Class bandwidth to satisfy most business uses (browsing, streaming, file transfers, etc), leaving High Traffic Class bandwidth for mission-critical real-time applications.

We understand this can be difficult to implement due to the traffic tagging requirements. It is also a change from HSNS, which is single class (HTC only).

To encourage the adoption of simpler and more robust single-class circuits, we are considering repricing HTC from $1 per Mb to $0.30 per Mb. For example, 1Gb HTC currently costs $1000 per month. Under our proposal, the same 1Gb will cost only $300 per month – resulting in a 70% discount if implemented.


3. After-hours hot cutovers

Installing a brand-new NGA Business Premium circuit in parallel to the existing fibre connection can be a lengthy and costly process if there is no spare fibre available. We are considering the introduction of hot cutovers for NGA Business Premium, which will enable us to re-use the existing fibre and quickly switch over to the new product.

The hot cutover will be performed during an agreed 2-hour outage window. We understand that even a small outage can be very disruptive for business, which is why we are also considering introducing 24/7 outage window availability for hot cutovers to NGA Business Premium. Fibre from existing legacy HSNS circuits, as well as DFAS or Bitstream 3/2, will be eligible for hot cutover to NGA Business Premium.


Next steps and contact

Please get in touch with your Account Team by Wednesday 15 July if you’d like to discuss/feedback these initiatives.

Your Chorus Business Connectivity Team.