Fibre-in-a-day: what’s coming up?

As you know we are committed to making Fibre-in-a-day our standard installation process by mid-2019.

Last year, we introduced the new fibre install in a day process launching the first two phases in November. We expanded the Fibre-in-a-day experience to 47% of fibre ready addresses and we also advised you of the system changes required to support both Fibre-in-a-day customer conversations, and ‘inside out’ install processes.

We’d like to keep you updated with progress and what we’re working on next for:  

1. System Changes

In November last year we notified you of the system changes underway to support our Fibre-in-a-day initiative:  

  • A new Fibre-in-a-day ‘capable’ flag in the Chorus Portal Network and Location screen. Locations flagged as Fibre-in-a-day in Chorus Portal will be the same as those currently available via the API and NADB extract.  This flag provides the ability to differentiate Fibre-in-a-day from ‘Scope and Install’ scenarios, set expectations and inform the customer journey.  
  • A new ‘Permit Delay Likely’ flag presenting in the network and location screen. This flag provides the ability to identify locations where traffic management or pole consent is likely to be required to complete an install and set expectations upfront with customers.
  • Where an ‘Inside Out install’ is required two new reschedule codes will be introduced to schedule a second visit to complete the connection:
    • ‘IC’ where the customer is required, or has requested to be at home for the second appointment
    • ‘IS’ where the customer does not need to be at home for the remaining work to be completed.
  • Any business premium offers selected will always require you to book separate scope and install appointments (more details on business orders below).  

Next steps

These changes are currently available for testing in EMMA. Their release into production is scheduled on Saturday 16 February 2019, and full process launch is planned for late May 2019.

From Saturday 16 February, the Fibre-in-a-day ‘Capable’ flag and ‘Permit Delay Likely’ flag information will be available via Chorus Portal and Chorus B2B to inform customer conversations.

The two new reschedule codes will be live, but will not be fully used until full launch in late May. The codes will however be used for 'inside out' install trials (small volume of orders).  

2. Inside out trial

The ‘Inside out’ install process is intended for use when we experience an unforeseen issue which prevents us from completing the connection within a day. It allows us to continue to install everything required inside the premise, leaving the fibre connection inactive at the external termination point (ETP) and ready for the second visit. Completing the work required inside the premise is intended to give the customer some flexibility in whether they are required to be present for that second visit.

In December last year, we undertook a small scale trial in order to prove the ‘Inside out’ install technical concept. Following a positive outcome from the proof of concept we are planning for a larger trial beginning on Wednesday 20 February that will test the end-to-end process.

Please note that we’ll conduct this trial after the system changes will be in production as it will allow us to test the new ‘IS’ and ‘IC’ reschedule codes rather than using ‘Customer changed’ as we’d previously suggested.   

Next steps

Please find the updated process following our recent workshops.

You will also read the common questions and answers that came from the workshops.

We continue to work through this feedback and will be developing collateral and conversation guidelines for end-customers that we will test during our trials.  

3. Business Orders

All business premium orders will continue to follow the existing ‘Scope and Install’ process. 

From Saturday 16 February, where a location is tagged as ‘Fibre-in-a-day capable’, business standard orders will be treated as Fibre-in-a-day. There will still be a small portion of business standard orders where traffic management or pole consents are likely and these will follow the ‘Scope and Install’ process.  

4. CX Journey

We know that setting the right customer expectations, and providing the correct communication to support a given journey (one appointment or two) is critical to a positive customer experience.

With the introduction of Fibre-in-a-day we would like to support you in making changes to your messaging. Please contact your Service Delivery Manager to discuss this further and how we can support you.  

Supporting details

Next steps

Along with working with you on the ‘Inside Out’ install trials and customer experience messaging changes, we are preparing for the system changes that will be effective on Saturday 16 February 2019.

For any queries please contact your Service Delivery Manager.