Industry consultation - 3rd Generation ONT additional features

Following our update earlier this year on the 3rd Generation ONT phase 1 rollout, we are pleased to inform you that a consultation paper is now available on the 3rd Generation ONT additional features. Part of the phase 2 rollout, 3rd Generation ONT additional features include the potential use of Wifi and residential gateway (RGW).

What’s the detail

To make it easy for you to share your feedback, we have developed an online consultation form.  Available on the service providers’ website, you’ll be able to fill in and submit directly your feedback to us.

If your preference is to provide feedback via a meeting please talk to your Account Lead.

We are looking forward to hearing from you before Friday 22 March 2019.

Next steps

We would like to invite you to provide your feedback here or alternatively get in touch with your Account Lead.