'Mix it up’ Fibre Offer: Proposed Consumer Incentives From April 2019

What’s happening

Our Chorus Connect Offer ends on 31 March 2019 and we’ve been working on what we might replace it with.  We’d like to get your feedback on our proposed new consumer offer by 20 February 2019 so we can finalise and announce the terms of that offer by 1 March 2019.


We intend to make our proposed offer available from 1 April to 31 June, but we’d also like to provide you with a line of sight on what our potential fibre incentives may look like from now until the end of this calendar year.  To that end, we’re also seeking your feedback on possible extensions of the proposed offer up to 31 December.    


Proposed new fibre offer – 1 April to 31 June

Our proposed fibre offer focuses on high-speed plan adoption (Gig and 100Mbps). The proposal includes two different incentives, one focused on getting your new fibre customers connecting to 100Mbps+ plans, and a second for your existing or new fibre customers moving or connecting to our highest speed plan (FibreMax). 


This will include a provision encouraging migration from Dunedin’s Gigatown plans. [Note: The Gigatown promotion ends on 30 June 2019 and from 1 July 2019 the pricing of the Gigatown plan will be aligned to the pricing of the national Gig plan.]


The table below provides high level details of our proposal, you will find our detailed pack:


Mix it up 1

An order can be eligible for both incentives if both thresholds are reached. We will provide confirmation of the terms of the new fibre offer by 1 March 2019.


Possible extensions of the new fibre offer – up to 31 December.

We are considering extending the offer set out above for the remaining quarters of the year (1 July to 31 December 2019). At this stage, there are two key differences for the extended period; (a) Gigatown migrations will not earn incentives post 30 June and (b) the $ value of Gig credits reduce every quarter.

Mix it up 2


We may decide to ask for further feedback on these possible extensions at a later date, taking into account our learning from the initial proposed offer once it has been launched. Currently, we’re proposing to confirm to you by 16 May 2019 whether there will be an extension of the proposed offer and, if so, the final terms of that proposed extension.


Engaging with you

Your feedback is important to us and we’d like to hear your views on both our proposed offer and the possible extensions.

Please note that this proposed offer, including the indicative financial incentives identified and any possible extensions, remains under development and is still in the consultation phase. We can’t guarantee the details of the proposed offer will be reflected in the terms of the final offer without amendment. The final offer we choose to launch in due course may differ from this proposal.


Next steps

Your Account Manager will get in touch shortly as we look to gather feedback on the proposed offer between now and 20 February 2019.

As mentioned above we’ll aim to publish a confirmed offer by 1 March 2019. The table below provides our anticipated timelines:  

Mix it up 3

For all other queries please contact your Account Lead.