Fibre-in-a-day: we're launching phase 1 on 5 November

As you know we are committed to making Fibre-in-a-day our standard installation process by mid-2019.

We’ll launch the first phase of Fibre-in-a-day on 5 November, as we've seen positive interim results from trials - with good categorisation accuracy, connect in a single appointment rates and we’ve also received great feedback from you. Thanks for trialling with us the move to a better installation experience for end-customers.  

What does it mean?

We’ll launch the first phase of Fibre-in-a-day on 5 November 2018. It means that more customers will be able to experience connecting to fibre through a single appointment. From 5 November all built multiple dwelling units and aerial addresses will be made available for a Fibre-in-a-day experience. This represents ~30% of the address base. This base will grow as we step through the coming phases.


Trials key findings  

Two key findings have come from the recent trials:  

  • We need to change the order in which we release our Fibre-in-a-day categorised addresses.

The trials have seen good success with connections being made with a single visit - 91% of aerial connections were connected in a single appointment. We are now looking to move aerial connections from phase 2 to phase 1 and replace right of ways. This will give us a few more weeks to look at how we can further increase the success of the right of ways tagged addresses and further improve the customer experience with these customers.

  • Standard business orders that filtered through the categorisation have performed well in the Fibre-in-a-day process

We’ve had a small number of standard business orders that have come through the trials and have all been successfully connected without any issues. We are now going to clarify if we could offer our standard business customers an improved experience. We need to get more insights into this group of customers to determine how we handle these orders moving forward.


What’s changing?

Address release

More addresses will be Fibre-in-a-day capable and more customers will be able to experience the simplified process. These will be visible through our Chorus Broadband Checker from 5 November. This will provide customers with what is required for a Fibre in a day install.



This is now how the categories will be released during phase 1 and phase 2:

  • Phase 1 – 5 November: Fibre-in-a-day becomes available for all your Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) residential customers [where communal fibre infrastructure has been already built] and residential aerial customers
  • Phase 2 – 30 November: Fibre-in-a-day becomes available for Rights of Way (RoWs) residential customers [where communal fibre infrastructure has been already built] and to some regions (more details to follow)

Business Orders

In phase 1, if a business customer (classified as residential property) submits a request, we will manage the request as we did for trial 1 and trial 2.

Obvious business locations will be excluded from the data load but some business orders may still filter through. Fibre-in-a-day capable business standard orders will continue to follow the Fibre-in-a-day path and business premium orders will still have the scope added back into the order.

By extending this review window of business orders into phase 1 we will see more business orders take the Fibre-in-a-day path. We’ll be able to use learnings as an input for a future decision on whether business standard orders should be included in the Fibre-in-a-day scope. These learnings will be shared when available.


Inflight Orders

Any orders that are in consent design or build stage and part of the phase 1 criteria, will be Fibre-in-a-day when released, irrelevant of when the order was submitted.


Supporting details

Next steps

It’s just getting ourselves prepared for the 5 November launch. For all other queries, please contact your service delivery manager.