Fibre-in-a-day: we are adding a new field to the Chorus Portal extract

As we communicated recently, we committed to making Fibre-in-a-day our standard installation process by mid-2019 and from 5 November 2018 we will commence a phased approach to the deployment of this initiative.

What’s changing

To enable you to manage your customer expectation for premises which are capable of a Fibre-in-a-day install, we are adding a new field to the Chorus Portal Extract NADB file (UFB1, 2, 2+), available via the service provider website after logon. The new data will be in an additional column on the right of the extract, labelled ‘Fibre_in_a_day_capable’, with data values of either ‘yes’ or ‘no’:

  • ‘yes’ indicates that only an install appointment is needed as there will be a fibre-in-a-day install; while
  • ‘no’ indicates the standard Agree-Build-Connect (ABC) installation process will apply and a scope visit is required.

While the new field goes live on 10 September, please consider the additional data as test data only until we launch phase 1 on 5 November. You should not use the information for marketing or sales purposes prior to launch, as it is subject to change without notice. We are releasing the updated extract ahead of our November launch date, to give you visibility and enable you to modify any processes or systems ahead of our launch date.

The Chorus Portal and B2B will be updated in Q1 2019 to better support the Fibre-in-a-day installation approach. We will advise you of the detail once the timing is confirmed.

Next steps

These changes will be apply from Monday 10 September

There is no action needed at this stage unless you have processes that extracts or manipulates the file which you may need to modify whether you use the additional information or not. You will at very least need to be aware that the new field will be visible. 

For any queries please contact your Service Delivery Manager.