Fibre-in-a-day: we are launching phase 2 on 30 November

What’s happening?



With the introduction of RoWs for residential customers (where communal fibre infrastructure has already been built) and some regions, an additional ~15% of addresses become Fibre-in-a-day capable and ~45% premises will be eligible to connect to fibre with a single appointment.


Please note that from 30 November any inflight orders that are in consent, design and/or build stages and meets phase 2 criteria, will be installed as a single appointment regardless of when the order was submitted.



We have added in a new ‘permit delay likely’ flag to help identify and set expectations with customers on premises where we may need to organise pole permits or traffic management plans to work on their property.


The only way to accurately check this portion of orders is to conduct a scope and then determine if third party permits are required. These customers (~10%) will be given a scope and install appointment. We expect the majority to still be completed as Fibre-in-a-day on the scope visit – still a single appointment and half a day at home for customers.

Only a small number of customers (~3%) will need to have their install appointment re-set once the type of permit required is known following the scope. To minimize customer inconvenience, inside out installs will be attempted.

By treating these installs as ABC and setting the right expectations using the new ‘permit delay likely’ flag, we’ll be able to provide the best experience to as many customers as possible. The flag will be set to ‘N’ and only visible in APIs until 16 February, when it will go live.


Technical information can be found below.

This notification supports the customer system change 90 day notification period with a planned go live date of 16 February 2019.



We have been reviewing how business orders pass through the Fibre-in-a-day process. To date we have not had enough orders pass through the process and complete.

For us to make a properly informed decision on how we best manage these moving forward and whether to include them in the Fibre-in-a-day scope, we would like to delay this decision. This will allow more time for orders to complete and learnings to be understood. These learnings will be shared when available.

Business premium orders will not be impacted and will continue to have the ABC appointment model applied.

Supporting details

Next steps

We are getting ready for the launch of phase 2 on 30 November. We are also initiating the required work to support the proposed system changes that will drop on 16 February 2019.

For any queries about Fibre-in-a-day, please contact your service delivery manager.