Our Enterprise Connect offer is designed to support you to promote high performing fibre services to businesses and in particular, encourage the migration of off-net customers onto our fibre network; and the upgrade of existing fibre connections to faster business fibre plans.

To help achieve these goals, this offer supports you by providing credits for focusing on three key areas:

  • Driving new connections on NGA Business and NGA Business Premium; and
  • Upgrading existing NGA Evolve (Bitstream 2/Bitstream 2 Accelerate) fibre connections to NGA Business or NGA Business Premium or existing NGA Business to higher NGA Business CIR plans; and
  • Upgrades from NGA Business to NGA Business Premium.

Key terms of our Enterprise Connect offer  


The Enterprise Connect offer:

  • Provides credit contributions of between $150 & $300 per qualifying connection
  • Offer available where Chorus has Fibre
  • Is available for you to sign up from 4-28 February 2019
  • Enterprise Business Offer for NGA Business qualifying connections will start on 1 April 2019 (i.e. after the expiry of the current Chorus Connect Offer)
  • NGA Business Premium (Enhanced Bitstream 4) is currently offered under a commercial trial basis. To be eligible for this part of the incentive, Service Providers must first agree to the Commercial Trial agreement. Date of the full launch of NGA Business Premium (Enhanced Bitstream 4) will be finalised at a later date
  • Is further supported on eligible NGA Business Premium plans with a discounted managed provisioning service.

Enterprise Connect Offer

Enterprise Connection Offer

Further conditions of the offer:

  • RSPs can sign from customer update until 28 February 2019 
  • Offer available where Chorus has Fibre  
  • Orders received within the offer period will be eligible but paid on service given 
  • To continue to qualify for the credit contribution a connection must remain on the relevant plan for a minimum of 12 months. This also applies to NGA Business Premium (Enhanced Bitstream 4) trial connections following the conclusion of the commercial trial 
  • If a RSP receiving a credit contribution relinquishes the service covered by the credit contribution within the 12 month qualifying period the service provider will be subject to a repayment obligation on a pro rata basis.  

What’s excluded?

  • Any orders placed on Smart Location addresses 
  • Gigatown plans 
  • Secondary plans 
  • Education plans  
  • Any address where there is a current business legacy service (UPC, LDBS, BFAS) or HSNS Premium/Bitstream 4 service on the Chorus network.

Benefit from this offer 

To sign up for this offer, please sign and return the offer letter to your Account Manager by 28 February 2019.

Should you have any questions please contact your Account team.

Enterprise Connect Offer

Offer highlights:

  • Acquire new enterprise customers
  • Update your current base
  • Ends on 31 December 2019

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