The eDMR Backhaul service provides a single modified Ethernet Private Line (EPL) bitstream service that supports up to three service Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) and facilitates the exchange of traffic between the E-NNI at the mobile site and an E-NNI located at the designated Handover Point that enables a mobile service provider to access and interconnect with the Chorus network. The E-NNI function at the handover point is provided by an eDMR Ethernet Handover connection.

The eDMR Ethernet Handover connection service is a separate service and is a prerequisite to the supply of the eDMR Backhaul Service - i.e. service providers must first purchase and then continue to maintain an eDMR Ethernet Handover connection Service at all times while taking the eDMR Backhaul service.

The eDMR Backhaul service is an input service which a mobile service provider can combine with its wireless access services located at the mobile site with other Chorus services (or with the mobile service provider’s own network or wholesale services provided by other service providers) to provide wireless based telecommunications services to end users.

eDMR Backhaul
Short Description
The eDMR Backhaul service is a single-class (high priority only) bitstream service suitable for delivering backhaul for mobile or other wireless access services over an Ethernet Digital Microwave Radio (eDMR) access.