Unspecified Bit Rate (UBR) Backhaul is a backend product which allows you to transport Basic Unbundled Bitstream Access (Basic UBA) traffic from any handover point. It is also known as Basic Unbundled Bitstream Access (BUBA) Tail Extension.

The baseline throughput for UBR Backhaul is 75kbps per end-user which ensures that at peak congestion, each end-user will experience at least 75kbps of throughput over UBR Backhaul. Additional throughput options, up to 400kbps per end user, are also available to meet your needs.


Benefits to retail service providers

  • Efficiency: deploy network assets wherever it makes commercial or engineering sense. Choose as few, or as many handover links as you require.
  • Flexibility: choose throughput options of 75kbps per end-user, through to 400kbps per end-user on individual Handovers.
  • Coverage: provides nationwide coverage with a local/ regional/ national presence to meet your business requirements.