Core Network Product
NGA Tail Extension Service (TES)

The NGA tail extension service is an ancillary service that allows you to aggregate UFB Bitstream

services from multiple UFB candidate areas on a single UFB handover connection service located at a

regional point of interconnection (POI).


NGA Tail Extension allows you to serve multiple NGA coverage areas from a single (regional) NGA

handover connection. As we have five regional hubs in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch

and Dunedin, you can provide national NGA service if you have at least one handover in each hub.

Tail Extension Service is made for service providers who require local, regional or national transport

of customer traffic between their network point of presence (POP) sites, or between their POP site

and a telecom handover point where aggregated tail services have been presented for handover.

You can also use this service to access tail traffic from a remote telecom aggregation exchange

where it does not make commercial sense to establish a handover link at the remote exchange.