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RGW ONT & Remote Managed Service tool now live!

Chorus 3rd Generation ONT can turn into a residential gateway (RGW) with Wi-Fi capabilities. You will no longer need to provide a physical modem, enabling faster service activation and a simplified customer experience for your customers.

We want Kiwis to have the best broadband experience. Hence, we are very much focused on encouraging Kiwis to get onto fibre where it is available. As our intact fibre base grows, we believe it is vital to connect customers faster and more efficiently. 

Our 3rd generation ONT (model type 300) configured in RGW mode, allows you to connect customers quickly where fibre is already installed (intact). We have over 270,000 3rd Generation ONTs installed in Kiwi homes right now and more being installed every day with every new fibre order we receive from you.    


We will be launching the new Chorus ONT RGW service in two releases:

  • Early release – 23 November 2020
  • Full release – 1 March 2021

For full details, please check the update or the product page

The value proposition 

  • Reduced CPE cost: no modem to procure and dispatch = reduced capital, storage, distribution & logistics costs to your business.
  • Lifecycle management overhead: no need to worry about regular software/firmware upgrades to the device. We manage this for you.
  • Connect customers faster: your customers don’t need to wait for a modem means they can be connected to fibre much faster.
  • Reduced e-waste: be part of ‘reduce e-waste’ community.
  • Simplification: reduce in-home device complexity for your customers (less devices = less clutter).


As part of our work here to support you to connect your customers faster using our new RGW Wi-Fi services, we are introducing our ‘Chorus ONT Residential Gateway’ offer, commencing from 23 November 2020.


Remote Management Service (RMS) configuration tool

Remote Managed Service (RMS) Configuration website delivers a digital interface for you to configure and maintain 3rd Generation ONT (Type 300) & Hyperfibre ONT (Type 400) in RGW mode. 

The RMS Configuration website has been developed for the configuration and management of data and/or voice parameters. You will use the tool to update and/or modify the configuration when your ONT is in RGW mode.