Enjoy a one-off $50 credit for every qualifying connection

We want all New Zealanders to have the best possible broadband experience. That’s why we are so focused on encouraging Kiwis who have Chorus fibre available to them to take up the opportunity.  As our intact fibre base grows we believe being able to connect customers faster and more efficiently will be vital to them and your business. This offer supports the ability to turn the Chorus 3rd Generation ONT into a residential gateway with Wi-Fi capabilities. You will no longer need to provide a physical modem, enabling faster service activation and a simplified customer experience for your customer. This is game-changing in the intact fibre space, where a 3rd generation ONT, configured in RGW mode will allow you to connect to fibre quickly.


As part of our work here to support you to connect your customers faster using our new RGW Wi-Fi services, we are extending our ‘Chorus ONT Residential Gateway’ Offer to 31 December 2021.



To qualify for credits under this offer, you need to:

  • Have a new or existing connection that meets the eligibility criteria
  • Place an order for the RGW Wi-Fi service on or before 31 December 2021
  • Have the RGW Wi-Fi service enabled on or before 31 January 2022; and
  • Comply with the terms of offer in the appendix (please refer to the offer letter). 


Credits available

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you’ll receive a one-off $50 credit for every qualifying connection.

We’ll pay you a credit contribution once service has been given and the RGW Wi-Fi service has been enabled.  You’ll need to refund any credit we pay to you on a pro-rated basis for any connection that disconnects or disables the RGW Wi-Fi service within 12 months of being service given and the RGW Wi-Fi service being enabled.


Sign up

In order to receive these credits, you’ll need to sign the offer letter and return it to us.  You will be eligible for credits for qualifying connections from the date you confirm acceptance of this offer.

If you’re already signed up to the offer – the Customer Update we provided on the extension of the RGW ONT offer was notice to extend under clause 3 of the terms of the offer.  The new Termination Date under clause 2 is 31 December 2021.  The new date by which connections must be enabled in order to qualify for the credit under clause 5(c) is 31 January 2022.

We may further extend this offer by notice under clause 3 or withdraw or restrict it under clause 4.

Refer to the Offer letter for full details and conditions.


  • One-off $50 credit for every qualifying connection

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