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Don't miss out on our new business offers

Starting this July, benefit from two new credit incentives to help your business customers onto the best of Chorus business grade fibre.


Our Small Business Boom offer  encourages uptake for entry level fibre plans (Small Business Fibre and Hyperfibre Small Business) with the restoration and service benefits of business grade Bitstream 2.

Get onto Small Business Fibre or Hyperfibre for Small Business get up to $300 per connection and we’ll cover plan change costs. Plus, you’ll get a $50 kicker until the end of the year.

Our Business Boom offer  aims to help you promote high performing business fibre services, including getting customers onto Chorus fibre network, and upgrading existing fibre connections to higher performance Bitstream 3/3a business grade fibre plans (NGA Business and Hyperfibre Business).

Upgrade your NGA Evolve connections to Bitstream 3/3a or set up a new connection and get $500. Plus, you’ll get a $100 kicker until the end of the 2020.

Better plans, with better credit, and better revenue, don't miss out and get in touch with your Account Team.