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Promoting the benefits of fibre to the late adopter audience

As we move along the technology adoption curve our fibre marketing has been evolving from fibre availability and awareness activities into specific use-case and benefits-based communications.

Now we are talking to the late adopters, we know that these customers are less engaged with technology and therefore harder to convert to take-up fibre.

Kicking off earlier in the year we have had a range of activities that have been aimed at connecting with a 60+ audience. Using Judy Bailey as our spokesperson, our communications have been focussed on providing examples of the benefits of fibre in ways that are relevant to them.

This activity is continuing throughout July.


  What’s happening

To connect with the late adopter audience, we have a range of activities including:

  • Brand – to build awareness of Chorus and fibre.

  • Streaming campaign – encouraging people to move from broadcast viewing to streaming.

  • Generation Connection Project – in conjunction with NZME & Judy Bailey, increasing awareness of the benefits of fibre for a 60+ audience

  • Sam knows reporting – leveraging the MNZB report to support that fibre is the best choice for all consumers.


Check out the full details in the document below.