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3rd Generation ONT

3 rd Generation ONT phase 1 rollout was launched on 14 March 2019.  A consultation paper is now available on its potential additional features - use of Wi-Fi and residential gateway…


What’s happening?

We are introducing a 3rd Generation standard ONT (based on Nokia G-140WC) as part of our technology lifecycle process. This new ONT supports our existing NGA GPON product suite (Bitstream 2, ATA voice and Multicast), and we started deploying it as the default standard ONT from 14 March 2019.

We will continue to deploy the 2nd Generation ONT for Bitstream 3/3a customers, or where dual ATA services are required.

We have had several requests from retail service providers as to whether they can offer services using these features, in particular, the ability to use Wi-Fi and the residential gateway (RGW) function. While the 3rd Generation ONT can be used to provide Wi-Fi and RGW functions for SMEs, its primary focus is residential services.

We expect to introduce multiple ONT variants in the future to fit multiple market requirements. We expect that services developed for the 3rd Generation ONT will continue to be available on one or more of the future ONT variants.

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3 rd Generation ONT TR069 script