Consultation workshop: multiple ONT types

We are living in an era of rapid social and economic changes that require increasingly complex solutions and technology.

Meeting end-customer’s fast changing needs will require moving away from the one-size-fits-all ONT, towards an environment where multiple ONT types could be used to develop tailored solutions. This is supported by the feedback we received from you during our recent product consultation.

As highlighted during the recent introduction of the 3rd Generation ONT, this new environment presents business, operational and technical challenges for both of us, Chorus and retail service providers.

We currently deploy a number of different ONTs, in full production or trials, which have different characteristics or features that affect business or operational processes:

ONT Type

Key characteristics

1st/2nd Generation ONT

4 x GE UNI. 1 x ATA. BS2/3/3a

3rd Generation ONT

4 x GE UNI. 1 x ATA. BS2


1 x SFP UNI. BS3/3a


1 x 10Gbps UNI. 4 x GE UNI. 2 x ATA. RGW. 10GPON.


4 x POE UNI.

* These are currently being used for trials only.

To support the current and future ONT variants, we are undertaking a programme of work to address identified challenges, allow you to take advantage of these ONT types, and minimise disruption to systems, processes and customer experience.

We are proposing B2B and API enhancements that will allow you to see what type of ONT is installed in a premise.

We are looking for your technical input to the B2B and API design. You have the option to participate to a dedicated workshop (max. 2 hours) or attend a webinar that will take place the last week of May.

Next steps

If you would like to participate in the design of the B2B and API enhancements, please talk to your Service Delivery Manager and let them know which option would work best for you.