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10GPON Trial

Since March 2019 we are trialling a new broadband service offering speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps), one of the fastest broadband services available on the planet…  


What’s happening?

10 GPON is a next generation passive optical network bitstream service that uses 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) bidirectional technology over existing PON infrastructure, co-existing with today’s fibre services making it a natural evolution for those looking for faster and better broadband. The 10GPON trial is a production-based trial that allows end customers to experience 10GPON and for retail service providers to provide useful feedback to Chorus to support and shape the development of the 10GPON product.

The trial service is available in selected areas of Auckland and Wellington, initially for 30 residential customers. Our 10Gbps service is built in collaboration with Nokia using their XGS-PON fibre solution.

10Gpbs - an opportunity for New Zealand

The demand for greater internet data bandwidth is relentless. Ultra-high definition video, creative media services, advanced gaming, increased home working and a dramatic proliferation of connected devices in our homes are all contributing to the need for greater capacity. “We're truly thrilled to be trialling our 10Gbps fibre service, a service we know will underpin New Zealand's digital future and continue our decade long commitment to innovation and keeping New Zealand’s broadband infrastructure at the cutting edge.&quot;, said Chorus Chief Customer Officer, Ed Hyde.

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