New - pre-built fibre ONT Label

As part of a pre-built fibre installation, we leave the ONT in an “intact state” ready for connection. However, there is no information to the end-customer that all they need to do is call their broadband provider for connection.

What’s changing

To encourage customers to connect quickly and easily, we are now going to have a label put onto the ONT by our technicians. The label advises the customer to call their broadband provider and inform that the fibre is installed and they’re ready for connection.

As of 12 April 2019, this will be installed for any pre-built fibre installation as part of a new property development or MDU intact ONT trials.

Supporting details

Below is a picture of what the label will look like, as installed on the new 3rd Generation ONT.

Whilst the sticker is peel-able, we are hoping it will be left on for future occupants to help drive this message of ease of connection.  


If you have any queries, please get in touch with your Service Delivery Manager.