Direct Fibre (DFAS) provides dark fibre access that gives you the ability to develop complex services and products to high-value customers requiring tailored equipment configurations, particularly in areas such as WANs and redundancy to support data and cloud-based applications.

The dark fibre nature of this service gives you direct control of the optics, allowing you to significantly tailor your offering by changing your equipment at each end of the service. If you don’t have equipment in the local exchange, you can purchase our Intra Candidate Area Backhaul Service (ICABS) to connect to equipment in another exchange.

Connections automatically qualify for the better business service wrap, which is designed to give business customers a better installation and operational experience. These connections receive coordinated provisioning support, as well as business grade assure channels with prioritised workflows for planned and unplanned events.

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We provide support and help you design solutions tailor-made to your needs.

We provide support and help you design solutions tailor-made to your needs.

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Benefits to retail service providers

  • Customisable: tailor your network offerings to suit the individual requirements of your customers.
  • Control: no other business solution over our network delivers the same level of control over equipment, standards, protocols or the flexibility for enterprises looking to scale their business.
  • Privacy: point-to-point connection, with highly secured data that never enters the public network.

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Updated Service Level Terms and Operations Manuals on website


Revised COVID-19 Temporary Business Disconnection Offer


NEW - Chorus Regional Transport Term Discount offer

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