National NGA Tail Extension (TES) service is now live!

Just like a ride-share network



National  NGA Tail Extension service is the most cost-effective way to extend your NGA coverage nationwide, with as little as one UFB handover connection.

As announced at the end of last year, our NGA national tail extension service enables you to expand your business nationwide quickly – expanding into areas where you might not already have a presence or reduce operating costs by closing underutilised Points of Presence (PoP). We will aggregate your UFB Bitstream services from multiple UFB coverage areas on a single UFB handover connection.  

  • Expand into new coverage areas with no requirement to purchase additional handovers or set up costly infrastructure, even servicing those smaller more remote areas
  • Reduce operating cost by reducing transport services between UFB candidate areas as you can map all your NGA services to a single handover anywhere in New Zealand
  • Simplifying your pricing structure with charges per subscriber, 3 easy price steps: regional, national same island and national different island
  • Redundant links provided between the local POI and the handover POI to meet your customer service level requirements.


The pricing structure as detailed below for NGA Evolve (Bitstream 2) / NGA Business (Bitstream 3) / Voice pricing *

Tail Extension Step

A - Regional

B – National

C – National


(Same Island)

(Different Island)

Low traffic class




High traffic class – (per Mbps) **




* Pricing for NGA Business Premium (Enhanced Bitstream 4) and Mobile Access can be found here

** Maximum upstream/downstream bandwidth; for primary NGA Evolve Bitstream 2 plans the first 2.5 Mbps High Traffic bandwidth is $0.

The one-off charge per circuit for changing from a standard UFB handover connection to a National UFB handover connection (and vice versa) is $23.62.

Supporting documentation

NGA Tail Extension Service can be requested in the Chorus Portal by selecting the desired Standard or National UFB Handover connection service as part of the 'Add, Modify, Transfer or Move' service request as specified in the NGA National Tail Extension Service Description. 

Please note that a National UFB Handover can terminate connections both inside and outside the region and does not need to be in a regional POI.

It is available for any additional service templates requested by the service provider using combinations of one more standard building blocks, as defined in the relevant bitstream service description.

Next steps & contact

Please talk to your Service Delivery Manager regarding bulk ordering and handover remapping for existing connections.