Chorus Portal and B2B changes – Multi-CLNE and NGA national TES

We are making a few small changes to the Chorus Portal and B2B to give you visibility of the ONT that is installed at a premises; and to support a new product, NGA National Tail Extension Service. The industry pricing consultation for this is currently underway and any prices in the XML example are placeholders and are not indicative of the price.


What’s the details?

The briefing pack below outlines the changes that will be in Chorus Portal and B2B.

Examples of the updated XMLs are included in the appendix.

We are looking to put these changes in production in February 2020.  However, changes will be visible in EMMA before that, in January. Detailed timings are included in the pack.


Supporting details

Please refer to the briefing pack below for more information on the upcoming Chorus Portal and B2B system changes.



For any queries please contact your Service Delivery Manager.