ISAM upgrade rollout

Our copper ISAM (Intelligent Service Access Manager) network consists of approximately 7,400 ISAMs providing broadband and baseband IP to customers. These nodes also support services such as HSNS Lite for businesses outside of the reach of fibre. As part of our standard network lifecycle management, we're upgrading these nodes with the latest software.

What's the detail

At a high level, our current plan is:

  • service providers provided modems were tested against software in lab.
  • Subject to satisfactory testing completion, we aim to upgrade a small number of ISAMs in a controlled area prior to the Xmas brown out.
  • To perform soak testing in production and analyse findings.
  • To commence rollout in the new year to all remaining ISAMs following successful soak testing.
  • For service providers to return test modems after the rollout is complete.

Each software upgrade will have a ~15 minute outage, as the ISAM reboots following an upgrade. This outage affects all broadband or baseband IP customers on the ISAM (up to 384 customers), as well as any business services, such as HSNS Lite.

Service event notifications will be issued closer to the time with impact lists and timings.


Please contact your Account or Service Delivery Manager with any queries or feedback.