New product proposed pricing consultation: NGA Tail Extension service

To enable you to serve customers in more point of interconnection areas (POI) from a single point, we are looking to offer NGA National Tail Extension Service. Enabling you to provide national coverage from a single UFB handover connection, without the need to have a handover link or footprint presence in each local / regional exchange.

What's the detail?

Today an individual service can be handed over by:

  • Locally – on any handover connection at the local POI
  • Regionally – on any handover connection at one of the designated regional POIs associated with the local POI

We would like to expand this to all POIs:

The following products will be supported by NGA National Tail Extension Service:

  • NGA Evolve (Bitstream 2)
  • NGA Business (Bitstream 3/3a)
  • NGA Voice

Tail Extension Step





A - Regional

B - National (Same island)

C National (Different island)

Low Traffic Class BS2/3/Voice




High Traffic Class (per Mbps)*




*Maximum upstream/downstream bandwidth; for primary NGA Evolve Bitstream 2 plans the first 2.5 Mbps High Traffic bandwidth is $0

Non-recurring charge for changing from standard to national handover:

There will be a charge to service provider for changing from a standard UFB handover connection to a National UFB handover connection (and vice versa). The charge will be:

Charge description


Change of UFB handover type - per circuit




Next steps

  • Mon 4 November – Feedback period starts
  • Fri 29 November – Feedback period ends
  • Mon 2 December / Fri 6 December – We will review feedback received
  • Mon 9 December – Provide you a high level summary from feedback received. For any price changes we will provide you with 60 days formal notice on any changes
  • March 2020 – Launch new product and pricing
  • We will confirm this date via an update closer to the time
  • We will provide an updated rate card showing tail extension charges on our customer website. For private offers, please contact your Account Manager.


For more information please contact your Account Manager.