End of Self Service Portal ordering for UFB DFAS, BFAS and ICABS

We have completed migration of all UFB Layer 1 service ordering to Chorus Portal, and will now commence decommissioning of the Self Service Portal (SSP) ordering portal.   

What’s changing?

Over the last few months we have migrated all Layer 1 circuits from SSP to Chorus Portal. Orders for DFAS, BFAS and ICABS must be now placed via the Chorus portal. After the decommission date (31 January 2019), your SSP landing page will no longer display the “Sales Order Management” icon.

Please note that the process to log fault tickets for DFAS, BFAS and ICABS will continue unchanged in SSP.


Supporting details

No new orders for DFAS, BFAS and ICABS Layer 1 services will be accepted via SSP after 31 December 2018.  We will migrate any in-flight orders not complete by 31 January 2019 and decommission SSP on that date.

We gave formal notice that we’ll be shutting down our legacy fibre ordering systems in September 2014. The decommissioning date was delayed several times. We most recently updated you in April 2018 on the decommissioning date and planned migration steps.


Next steps

Your implementation manager will be in contact with you if you have any in-flight orders with a ready for service date in 2019.

Don’t hesitate to contact your service delivery manager for any support or with any questions or queries.