Confirming launch dates for Hyperfibre & RGW ONT products

We are pleased to confirm launch dates for Hyperfibre nationwide rollout & RGW ONT early release: 

  • Hyperfibre UFB1 nationwide launch – 12 October 2020
  • RGW ONT early release launch – 2 November 2020

We are glad to be launching two of our latest & greatest products in 2020 where demand for fibre is reaching unprecedented levels.

What’s happening

In our previous update  for Hyperfibre we indicated some risk with meeting the original launch date 30 September 2020. We can now confirm the new launch date as 12 October 2020 (delayed by 7 working days).

In our last  update  for RGW ONT, we said early release functionality would be available on 27 October 2020. We can now confirm the new launch date for early release is 2 November 2020 (delayed by 4 working days).

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been carefully reviewing and monitoring some challenges in meeting the original proposed timeline for both products. The decision to delay has not been taken lightly. The recent Covid-19 level 3 restrictions in Auckland coupled with delays to Portal and  B2B  changes mean we are forced to move the launch dates for Hyperfibre & RGW ONT early release.

We understand the need to be transparent and give you certainty on launch dates as it has a direct impact on when you can make these products available in market.



  • Hyperfibre price list is here



Promotional offer


  • As previously announced, the current offer  is available until 30 September 2020, OR one week after the Hyperfibre service is launched across our UFB1 nationwide footprint, whichever is later. With the launch date set for 12 October, this means this offer will be in-place until at least 19 October 2020. We are reviewing this offer and you can expect to hear more about this in future.
  • Additionally, for RSPs that are signed up to our Mix It Up offer, new connections and upgrades to the HF 2000 and HF 4000 plans between 1 October 2020 and 30 June 2021 can receive Hyperfibre incentive payments of $200 & $300 respectively. These are in addition to the offer above, as well as to off-net bonus and base Mix It Up credits.


  • To support early adopters consuming this service, we are releasing a promotional offer for 6 months by giving a $50 credit for each connection which has the RGW Wi-Fi service enabled. The promotion is valid from 2 November 2020 to 3 May 2021.  If you are interested, please sign the offer letter available in the resource section below.

Onboarding support

We are developing a robust onboarding process to help guide you in consuming these two products. We will commence training customers two weeks prior to the launch dates:

  • Hyperfibre on-boarding + training available from 28 September 2020
  • RGW ONT on-boarding + training available from 19 October 2020

Please get in touch with your account team to book your slot. Training is scheduled based on first in first served.

Next steps & contact

We will share more detailed information on product plans, use cases, CX journey maps and marketing activities in the next few weeks for both products.

These two products are bringing new revenue opportunities, don’t miss out and get in touch with your Account Manager.