To encourage households to upgrade to fibre and receive up to $360 in credit

We have extended the core Mix it Up offer through to 30 June 2022 

We want all New Zealanders to have the best possible broadband experience. Independent testing shows that fibre out-performs alternatives. We are focused on encouraging those households not currently on fibre to join us, and those who are to upgrade.

From 1 January 2022 we're making the following changes to the Mix it Up offer:

  • There's no marketing plan requirement, and no maximum cap on credits you can earn.
  • The minimum speed for a connection to qualify for credit is now our boosted 300Mbps plan. To get paid under this offer you’ll need to show us by mid-March that where you're taking that plan you’re passing the upgraded speeds though to your customers.
  • Each new-to-Chorus-fibre connection to a plan of 300Mbps or faster will receive $60.  
  • Each existing-connection speed upgrade to Gig or above will receive $80, $95, $200 or $300 depending on how high up the speed ladder you go (If your new connections are to a Gig speed or above, you'll also get the $60). 

To participate in and get paid credits under this offer, you will need to:

  1. Sign and return the offer terms by 31 December 2021; and
  2. Have a total order mix that meets the quarterly thresholds below: 
MIU table



Which orders are eligible for credits?

Credits will only be applied to connections that are new-to-Chorus-fibre (first-time install or an intact that have been offnet >1mth) that connects to a 300Mbps/Gig/Hyperfibre plan, or existing connection speed upgrades to Gig+. They will be paid on the following plans:

  • NGA Evolve 100-20-2.5-2.5 (boosted to 300 Mbps download; 100 Mbps upload speeds)
  • NGA Consumer Max 500-2.5-2.5
  • Home Hyperfibre 2000, 4000 and 8000

Please note, any orders to a secondary plan or from a secondary plan will not be eligible for a credit, neither will orders received as a "modify attribute" or new connections for handover link migration where there is no plan upgrade.


Will I get paid $60 for every 100M connection I pass the 300M speed to?

No. We won't pay credits for passing the free speed boost through to your customers, only for new-to Chorus connections or for speed upgrades to Gig or higher.

If a customer moves from a 30 Mbps or a 50 Mbps plan to the boosted 300 Mbps plan, that will count toward you meeting the 85% threshold for “Connect to 300M+”, but won’t receive any credit.


What happens if I upgrade my 200M customers to 300M, do I get a credit?

200 Mbps plans were recently boosted to Gig speed and were included in the Gig threshold counts for the Oct–Dec 2021 quarter. From 1 January 2022 no credits would be payable for moving from 200Mbps to either the 300Mbps (as this would be a speed downgrade and may incur a clawback) or the Gig plans (as there is no speed change).  


Over what period will you assess the thresholds, a week, a month, or 3-months?

We assess the thresholds over 3-months.


When will you make incentive payments?

As we won’t  assess threshold achievement until the end of the quarterly period, we will make payments following the end of the quarter. Eg. for the Jan-Mar quarter, calculations will be done in Apr and credits on those "service given" within that quarter will be applied to the Apr bill run. (If orders are “service given” after the quarter ends, we’ll assess that monthly and pay you, provided the order is “service given” within three months of the quarter ending.)


How have you chosen these threshold levels?

We took into consideration the current order mix across the industry, the opportunities for upgrades as well as the opportunities the incentive payments give RSPs.


Why are you continuing to use thresholds for your incentives?

We see thresholds as a way to encourage RSPs to take actions above business-as-usual and they allow us to provide further credits to those whose order mix shows they're taking that action.


Any other questions?

Contact your account team. 


  • Upgrade existing fibre connections
  • Extended until 30 Jun 2022
  • Hyperfibre credits until 30 Jun 2022

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