We have extended the core Mix it Up offer through to 30 June 2021 with additional bonus credits throughout the offer period

We want all New Zealanders to have the best possible broadband experience. That’s why we are so focused on encouraging those 85% of Kiwi’s who have a better broadband option available to them to take up the opportunity. The 'Mix It Up' offer has two components:

  1. Connect to 100M or above: migrating offnet customers and customers on existing copper and lower speed fibre connections on our network to selected fibre speed connections; and
  2. Get to the Gig: as above and upgrading existing fibre connections to our fastest fibre plan.

To be eligible for incentives under this offer, you will need to have an total order mix that meets the quarterly thresholds below: 

Connect to 100M

Whether you hit the above threshold target or not there may be more credits on offer for you here with the Gig:

Get to Gig


Bonus Credit Period February - April 2021

We know some customers are harder to convince than others so we’re also introducing a bonus credit on selected addresses for a limited time. Participating RSPs must nominate 60-consecutive-days between 1 February 2021 and 30 April 2021 during which they will be eligible for bonus credits for every address on our list converted to Chorus fibre. We have three levels of credits based on our assessment of ease to convert:

Bonus Offer Table


Bonus Credit Period May - June3 2021

We have extended the current fibre bonus credit period following the same structure used in Feb - April:

  • Plan speed of min. 30Mbps will be included for bonus payment
  • Connections from the list will contribute towards meeting the Mix It Up (MiU) offer thresholds, but qualifying for Bonus Credits will not be dependent upon meeting MIU thresholds
  • Bonus Credits will now be paid monthly on “service given” status. MiU will continue to be paid quarterly
  • Participating RSPs agree to actively promote fibre during this period and share their marketing plans with us by completing a prescribed table. Chorus reserves the right to ask for a new plan or cap the amount of credits payable if it feels the scale of activity proposed is unreasonably low.

Bonus Credit table Mau june



Q: Can we participate for a shorter period?

A: Yes you can participate for any period comprised of consecutive days between 1 May and 30 June. When you send us your marketing plans you need to nominate your chosen bonus credit period, which must commence at least 2 weeks after the date on which we receive your marketing plans.

Q: I’m not going to be able to complete the marketing template 2-weeks before 1 May (14 April), but can we still earn credits?

A: Yes you can, but we’ll push your eligibility start date back. Please note: this campaign has a fixed end date of 30 June 2021, so submitting a marketing template after 14 April will effectively reduce your bonus credit period.

Refer to related documents below for the latest Fibre Bonus Credit list.


  • Bonus Credits - select your 60 day window between 1 Feb and 30 Apr 2021
  • Upgrade existing fibre connections
  • Extended until 30 June 2021
  • Hyperfibre credits from 1 October 2020

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