What’s next for Hyperfibre rollout?

In November 2019, we unveiled a new era of broadband in New Zealand with our new Hyperfibre product.  Since then we have made 2000Mbps & 4000Mbps Hyperfibre available in selected areas.

In our initial announcement, we planned to make Hyperfibre available throughout the wider Chorus UFB1 areas by September 2020. 

Since then we have experienced an unprecedented COVID-19 lockdown that has affected not just New Zealand, but our overseas suppliers as well. This coupled with operational and technical changes to support the new technologies has resulted in a number of challenges in meeting the rollout timeline. Challenges which ironically have highlighted some of the key benefits of Hyperfibre as remote working becomes the new normal.

So how are we tracking?

We are still aiming to launch Hyperfibre throughout all UFB1 areas by the end of September 2020 and we are on track to do so, however we wanted to give you an early heads up that there is a level of risk with meeting the proposed timeline given there are still challenges ahead. These include equipment arriving from overseas and issues that may arise during testing while we introduce full automation at scale, but you can be assured that we are closely tracking these risks.  

We are working hard to finalise and provide you with certainty regarding the launch date and expect to confirm this with you by 31st August.

To support you, we recently announced an extension to the Hyperfibre offer. In order to give you more time to submit orders for the nationwide launch, we are now extending the offer to 30 September 2020, OR one week after the Hyperfibre service is launched across our UFB1 nationwide footprint, whichever is later.

Next steps & contact

 You can find more details on the offer and full rollout schedule on the service provider website.