Business Advantage offer extended to include Education Max

Education Max (1000/1000 with 2.5/2.5 CIR) is our most popular Education plan. Business Advantage provides lucrative credits for new bitstream 3/a connections (NGA Business & Hyperfibre Business) as well as migrations from copper and bitstream 2 products to NGA Business and Hyperfibre Business. 


What’s happening? 

We’re extending the scope of the Business Advantage offer to include upgrades from Education Max. 

With this change – effective 17 January 2022 - RSP’s will receive credits up to $700 for moving their Education Max connections to Hyperfibre Business plans – as per the following table: 

Business Advantage Table.png

The bonus marketing credit (enabling RSPs to receive an additional $100 credit by promoting Business Fibre or Business Hyperfibre) is also available for upgrades from Education Max. Terms and conditions apply.  


Next steps 

If you’re already signed up to the Business Advantage offer letter, you don’t need to do anything. This change will automatically apply from 17 January 2022

Otherwise, you will need to sign the offer letter to be eligible for this offer. 

Should you have any questions, please talk to your Chorus account manager.