We’re lowering the price of Education Max

Early December we invited your feedback on reducing the price of our most popular education plan for New Zealand schools – Education Max (Bitstream 3a; 1000/1000 with 2.5/2.5 CIR).


What’s happening? 

We are pleased to announce a price reduction to Education Max – to help benefit schools and kura that receive this service from you. 


Price changes 

  • We are reducing the price of Education Max to $120 per month from 17 March  2022
  • Back-dating this reduced price from 15 October 2021 (when the most recent CPI change occurred) or a later time if ordered after 15 October 2021. We will provide you a credit note(s) for this; 
  • Not applying further CPI adjustments to the reduced price of $120 per month until at least 31 December 2023.  After this date, we may change the price for subsequent CPI increases.  

The lower $120 price will apply to standard installations as well as the recurring charge.  


Next steps  

If you already consume Education Max, you don’t need to do anything. You will automatically benefit from the lower price points upon implementation in March 2022.