Supporting families to transition to a sustainable solution

Chorus is supporting families who connected to copper or fibre through the MOE Covid-19 broadband support offer by providing a $240 one-off credit to enable a smooth transition to an affordable ongoing service. The offer is subject to terms as outlined below and the offer letter.

Through our MOE Covid-19 Support Package, we have been working with RSPs to provide students identified by MOE with a free connection to support distance learning. Our current offer period ends on 31 March 2021.

To support you in transitioning these addresses to an ongoing affordable solution, we are providing a $240 one-off credit for all qualifying MOE connections that are maintained beyond 31 March 2020, and which are charged at a retail price point of $50 (incl GST) or less.

To take advantage of this offer, you will need to sign our offer letter – please contact your Account Team to arrange this.

  • For any MOE qualifying address that continues with the service beyond 31 March 2021, we’ll provide a one off credit of $240 
  • Connections must be charged a retail price point of $50 or less (inc GST) to qualify for the offer
  • There is a 12-month claw-back attached to the offer – but we will only claw back the months remaining on the term when the connection is cancelled (so there’s reduced risk to RSPs if the connection is cancelled)
  • April will be treated as a “transition month” where we will allow RSPs to cancel and not incur charges
  • We’re making this offer available to RSPs who participated in the MOE Covid-19 support package - our intention is to enable a smooth transition for end customer

Full details of the offer are outlined in our offer letter. We are currently finalizing it and will link to it here once available.


  • $240 credit

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