Mix It Up Fibre Offer


The ‘Mix It Up’ Fibre Offer runs from 1 April 2019 until 30 June 2019, subject to the terms of the Offer letter.


This Offer is designed to encourage you to work with us to promote better broadband options to your customers by supporting you with credits focusing on two key areas:

  • Connect to 100M or above: migrating offnet customers and customers on existing copper and lower speed fibre connections on our network to selected fibre speed connections; and
  • Get to the Gig: as above and upgrading existing fibre connections to our fastest fibre plan.  This will include a provision encouraging migration from Dunedin’s Gigatown plans.


[Note: The Gigatown promotion ends on 30 June 2019 and from 1 July 2019 the pricing of the Gigatown plan will be aligned to the pricing of the national Gig plans.]


To be eligible for incentives under this offer, you will need to meet eligibility thresholds.  The level of credit contribution payable varies depending on which eligibility threshold has been met. 


We will monitor your mix of orders received within a quarter of the Offer period to determine what credits will apply.  You’ll be required to meet these thresholds to qualify for credits:

  • At least 75% of your orders on 100M or above to be eligible for the ‘Connect to 100M or above’ incentive; and/or
  • At least 15% of your Gig orders to be eligible for a ‘Get to the Gig’ incentive.


The eligibility thresholds and credit contributions for the offer are set out below:



Regardless of whether you hit the 75% Fibre 100m+ target or not there are additional credits on offer for those who reach our Gig order mix thresholds:




Note: A new connect Consumer/SME Max order can be eligible for both incentives if both thresholds are reached.


We are working on what our offers will look like from 1 July and have provided line of sight through our consultation.  We may decide to ask for further feedback on these possible extensions at a later date, taking into account our learnings from the initial offer once it has been launched. Currently, we’re proposing to confirm to you by 16 May 2019 whether there will be an extension of the offer and, if so, the final terms of that extension.

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