A compelling acquisition and upgrade offer for any RSP looking to increase their fibre base

We understand the install process can be a barrier to some households converting to fibre, that’s why we’ve proactively installed tens of thousands of ONTs across New Zealand. Many of these are yet to be connected and represent an excellent RSP acquisition or upgrade opportunity.

To make this opportunity even more attractive we’ll pay credits to any RSP converting any inactive Intact ONT on our list to Chorus fibre (see table below). We have four levels of credits based on our assessment of ease to convert;

Intact ONT credit table

To be eligible for earning credits by connecting addresses from our ‘Intact inactive ONT Incentive’ list, you will need to:

  1. Have signed our offer terms and conditions 
  2. Connect address from the target list to Fibre;
    • Plan speed of min. 30Mbps will be included for bonus payment
    • Connections from the Intact ONT Incentive list will contribute towards meeting the Mix It Up (MiU) offer thresholds, but qualifying for Credits will not be dependent upon meeting MIU thresholds
    • Intact ONT Incentive Credits will be paid monthly on “service given” status.



Do I need to participate in the MiU core offer to benefit from this offer?

No, the two are separate offers so you can participate in one or both.


Can I combine these Intact Bonus Kicker Credits with any other offer(s)?

Yes, you can! Provided you meet the eligibility criteria for multiple offers and they don’t explicitly state otherwise in the terms of offer, you can stack offers to earn super credits! Some common combinations are Mix It Up + Intact Bonus Kicker, Mix It Up (Get to Hyperfibre) + RGW ONT Install offer. We’ve summarised a view of these combinations in the Offer information Pack. 


Do I need to submit a marketing plan to participate in the Intact inactive ONT Incentive?

No. Marketing requirements exist for the Mix It Up Incentive NOT the Intact inactive ONT Incentive. You need only submit a marketing plan if you wish to be eligible for both incentives.


Any other questions?

Contact your account team. 

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