To encourage early adoption we're discounting our upgrade fee by $199 on all Hyperfibre orders until 31 December 2021.

We are extending our promotion to 31 December 2021


The end of UFB1 represents the completion of one of the biggest infrastructure projects in New Zealand. The fibre network that we’ve built is the envy of many countries across the world and our industry should be incredibly proud that we’ve brought together some of the fastest broadband speeds to homes and businesses across NZ.

However, the build was just the start. Now we get to explore what our fibre network can do and give people the opportunity to spend less time waiting and more time doing things that matter to them.

In 2020, we took a giant leap unlocking exponential speeds and capability for the next generation of connectivity with Hyperfibre. To encourage early adoption of these exciting new plans we’ll discount our planned $399 upgrade fee by $199 on all Hyperfibre orders until 31 December 2021.

How does the promotion work

Service providers will receive a $199 credit on the upgrade fee for any orders placed for Qualifying Connections until 31 December 2021 (the offer period).

Terms of the Offer

The following terms apply to orders placed through Chorus Portal for Hyperfibre plans during the offer period:

  1. Term and termination: the offer will terminate on 31 December 2021, unless terminated earlier under clause 2.
  2. Extensions, withdrawals and amendments:  we may extend the time frame or the scope of the offer with 30 days’ notice. We may withdraw the offer or restrict its scope before the termination date. If this occurs, we will try and consult with you and we will give you 60 days’ notice unless we’re required to withdraw or restrict the scope of the offer due to an external event, in which case the notice may be shorter.  
  3. Eligibility:  any new connects or upgrades to Hyperfibre plans ordered during the Offer Period where Hyperfibre is available will qualify for this offer (“Qualifying Connection”). 
  4. Credit contribution:  service providers will be charged $399 for Qualifying Connections but receive a $199 credit in the following month from the date of the invoice.  Each month we will identify the connections which have qualified as a Qualifying Connection in the preceding month and will pay you the $199 credit for each Qualifying Connection


  • $199 credit on the upgrade fee

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